As part of the Bottle Challenge, food establishments have joined the fight against the issue of single-use plastic bottles. They now offer free refills of reusable bottles and water containers with drinking water.

Using a simple mobile app, you can find the nearest participating location on a map, fill up your bottle, and then scan the QR code provided at the venue. For each refill, you collect points that not only allow you to track the amount of plastic saved but can also be redeemed for attractive discount vouchers at restaurants and cafes. This way, the more actively you care for the environment, the more valuable rewards you can earn. It’s an excellent way to motivate eco-friendly actions and reward engagement!

Caring for our planet is important, and fortunately, it’s becoming increasingly significant and popular for many. While many initiatives, such as cleaning up forests, contribute to improving the visual quality of our surroundings, the collected waste doesn’t disappear and eventually needs to be transported somewhere, often leading to pollution in other areas. The right, true, and only solution to the problem is to reduce the amount of waste generated, especially plastic waste – and this is exactly what BottleChallenge aims to achieve.

mapa punktów Bottle Challenge

for a change.

The Bottle Challenge project aims to reduce plastic waste. It thrives thanks to you, the users, who have switched from single-use plastics to reusable bottles, and the food establishments that provide access to water without plastic packaging. Every day, our numbers grow, benefiting both the environment and our health.

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The Bottle Challenge is free, but its maintenance costs are high. Thank you for your support


Thanks to the Bottle Challenge, let’s reduce the amount of waste. With your help, we can do more!

How does the Bottle Challenge app work?

Goal: Reducing Plastic Waste

The BottleChallenge app was created with the aim of protecting the environment by reducing the amount of single-use plastic bottles. Its main objective is to encourage users to use reusable bottles and water containers, offering easy access to points where they can refill them for free with water.

Bottle Challenge

Many benefits.

Instead of buying water in single-use packaging, we facilitate free access to drinking water at food establishments. It only takes a change in habits – let’s use refillable bottles and containers.      

Benefits of Bottle Challenge:

  • Economically
    Water is available for free.
  • Convenience
    High availability. Every day, food establishments from across Europe join Bottle Challenge.

Motivational Program
By using BottleChallenge, users collect points that can be exchanged for rewards.