Let’s solve this problem.

Much more effective than recycling is reducing plastic trash. Tap water, on the other hand, is tasty, clean and safe. More and more people are becoming convinced of this. In addition, it has an undoubted advantage over water in plastic bottles – environmental and economic. The production of a single-use plastic bottle emits 0.5 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and uses 26l of water, and this is only the beginning of its negative impact on the environment.

You are reducing your contribution to pollution!

Bottle challenge is a friendly way to reduce the need to buy water in plastic, and to support the eco-friendly work of the BrainGreen Foundation.

What does it look like in practice?

You order your sleek, durable thermal bottle, which has a QR code on it to control how much less plastic is left for future generations thanks to you.

Together with partners, we are creating a map of points where you can fill your own bidon with delicious, chilled water for free. Just use the app to find the nearest partner to refill your bidon with water for free, instead of a plastic water store. This way you no longer have to buy another disposable plastic bottle when you get thirst.

Did you know that a two-person household can use up to 700 plastic bottles per year?