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By supporting us, you are helping to protect the environment, while helping poor people from poor regions of the world. Thanks to you, we reduce the amount of plastic waste, giving employment to the poorest.

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We combine concern for the environment with the fight against poverty and social injustice

We focus our activities on helping the environment and the poorest and socially excluded people.
We organize cleaning of wharfs, forests, seas and oceans. We clean the collected waste and deliver it to specialized recycling points, which guarantees its proper processing.
Thanks to this, we support the circular economy by reducing the production of new plastic. We support local communities – people who spend their time cleaning – by providing them with food, school supplies for children and pay for every kilogram of plastic collected, improving the standard of living of the poorest people in poor countries.
We have created aid projects for refugees from Ukraine. We create facilities equipped with computer stations, textbooks, exercises, and school supplies to enable refugee children to continue their education according to the program of the Ukrainian Ministry of Science.
We run language courses for adults to help them find a job, and Ukrainian language courses to provide income for Ukrainian teachers.
We are also planning to launch an information campaign aimed at preventing a wave of hatred regarding refugees residing in Poland.

Join us, observe, express your opinions, suggest ideas!

Stay close, it is very important to us!

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103, 2022

Help for refugees from Ukraine

We operate in Warsaw helping refugees from Ukraine. You can meet our volunteers at the Western Bus and Railway Station. There is also our stationary information point where [...]

They support our activities:

klub tenisowy Spójnia Górna

They support our activities:

klub tenisowy Spójnia Górna
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