We operate in Warsaw helping refugees from Ukraine. You can meet our volunteers at the Western Bus and Railway Station. There is also our stationary information point where people in need can stop and rest while we are arranging transport, housing or further travel plan for them.

We help in finding a safe (free) accommodation and free transport to the place of accommodation. We support the refugees in planning their further trip, find connections and help them to get in touch with their families in Poland or abroad.

Each arriving person requires an individual approach. We work with all groups providing aid to refugees so as to be able to largely respond to the current needs of people affected by hostilities. We serve meals, hot drinks, we arrange warm clothes, pre-paid sim cards, we provide charging stations for phones. We also do our best to provide psychological support to the ones who need it. We cooperate with offices and medical points.

How can you help:

We are looking for volunteers at the Western Bus and Railway Station in Warsaw.

We collect clothing, medicines, food with a long expiry date for shipment to Ukraine.

You can also support us financially. We spend the collected funds on the purchase of basic products (cosmetics, cleaning products, underwear, sim cards for phones, paid accommodation when necessary, purchase of tickets necessary for further travel, etc.).


take care of the place where you live, if not for yourself, then for your children, grandchildren. They also want to see beautiful beaches, forests, coral reefs, eat fish without microplastics and breathe fresh air.

Change some small habits
your comfort of life will not suffer at all

Join us!

Be close, it's very important to us!

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