help and support for people affected by war

for children and teenagers.


  • learning Polish and English
  • private lessons
  • distance learning positions by
    Ukrainian curriculum


  • common room
  • thematic classes
  • youth discussion club
  • group classes and individual therapy
    in a psychological clinic
  • library

for adults.

  • learning Polish and English
  • computer courses
  • social integration
  • professional activation programme
  • coworking – workstations for remote work
  • psychological clinic
  • legal aid point
  • crisis interventions
  • in-kind assistance
  • help with accommodation
  • addiction therapy
  • support for people with disabilities
  • Polish language learning: the course was completed by 1423 adults 254 children
  • Remote learning according to Ukrainian curriculum: 28 children
  • integration and educational activities: 376 children

In implementing the educational project, the main emphasis is on supporting the adaptation and independence of people who came to Poland due to the war in Ukraine. We conduct Polish language courses to remove the language barrier, which is an obstacle to normal functioning and adaptation in a foreign country.
The inability to communicate is a big problem for children and young people at school and in the company of peers. It is also a problem for their caregivers, which causes further consequences (stress, depression, fear of not being able to find a job or deal with official matters).
Polish language classes are held in 24 groups stationary and 4 online. Each group has classes twice a week for one clock hour each. In addition to classes, students also have contact with a teacher and one-on-one tutoring through the Google Classroom platform. They can also, outside of class hours, use the resources available at the foundation (computer equipment, teaching materials, library, etc.)..

świetlica braingreen

For school-aged children, we provide 30 stations equipped with laptops, headphones and other necessary materials for online learning according to the Ukrainian curriculum. We also provide tutoring in subjects taught in Polish Educational Institutions.

For the foundation’s youngest wards, we have set up a day care center where parents can leave their children while attending classes, running official errands, etc. Thematic classes – music, art, integration and group therapy with a child psychologist – are also held here.

  • using coworking: 86 adults
  • people who found a job or started a business: 92 people
  • refugees employed by the foundation: 18 people

We effectively help adults who want to increase their competences on the labor market. For them, we provide career counselling, help in preparing a CV and finding a job in the database of employers run by us.
The professional activation program implemented by our foundation includes providing workstations fully equipped with computer hardware, printers and office supplies. The co-working space is available free of charge to people who continue or want to work remotely, but do not have the conditions or equipment to provide it (e.g. people accommodated in refugee centers).
Many of the foundation’s charges are ready to work in the freelance professions, which is why we support the start of new businesses, we help in the preparation of documentation, business registration, training in applicable regulations, buying basic equipment necessary to perform work (work tools for beauticians, masseuses, physiotherapists, etc.).

świetlica braingreen
świetlica braingreen

The beneficiaries of the foundation also include women caring for several children or children with disabilities. For this group, it is impossible to take up full-time stationary work, which is why we offer them support in the implementation of casual work.
We provide our talented charges with raw materials for the production of handicrafts, we provide free sales space in cooperation with partners – Grand Bazar, Elektrownia Powiśle and Wolskie Centrum Kultury. Our charges, thanks to the sale of handicrafts, can obtain additional income to meet their own and their children’s needs. The time spent on the production of handicrafts is also a form of therapy, distraction from the current situation and the emergence of the feeling of “being needed”.

  • Every day is a new challenge, we try to be close to those who need help.

Our work also includes helping to resolve extremely difficult situations.

  • We operate a psychological counseling center where highly qualified psychologists, professionally prepared to work with victims of war, provide assistance.
  • We provide educational classes and therapy at a center for addicts coming from Ukraine.
  • In cooperation with a reputable law firm, we handle cases and provide advice on legalization of residence, labor law, contracting, etc.
  • Almost every day we support refugees in finding housing, jobs, provide in-kind assistance.
  • Also under the care of the foundation was a hospital in Fastow, to which we supplied a powerful power generator, as well as medical and dressing supplies.
  • In November 2022, we took over the evacuation of 174 people from Zaporizhia, coordinating transports, accommodation, relocation, feeding and equipping the evacuees with the necessary personal hygiene products and clothing.
  • We have sent and continue to send humanitarian aid shipments, including to combat zones, We have sent about 4 tons of food, medical supplies, clothing. In April 2023, we sent more than 200 pairs of shoes for the army to the front line.
  • On many occasions, the foundation’s social workers accompany oncologically ill people, those with disabilities, those in a very bad mental state, etc., when dealing with paperwork, in hospitals, clinics, offices.
  • In February 2023, after the tragic events in Turkey, we also delivered a shipment with disinfectants, dressings and in-kind aid there.