Implemented projects

We remove rubbish and reduce poverty in poor countries by hiring local communities to clean beaches, seas, oceans, forests and other littered places.

We collect computer equipment, even damaged. We clean, repair and give it to children for remote learning.

We help refugees survive this difficult time by offering psychological support, help in professional activation and learning the Polish language.

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If you want to contribute to change, stop mindless littering of the world while helping people who find themselves in a difficult situation, be sure to contact us!

Sprzątanie plaży

Environment and people.

We focus our activities on helping the environment and the poorest and socially excluded people.
We organize cleaning of wharfs, forests, seas and oceans. We clean the collected waste and deliver it to specialized recycling points, which guarantees its proper processing.
Thanks to this, we support the circular economy by reducing the production of new plastic. We support local communities – people who spend their time cleaning – by providing them with food, school supplies for children and pay for every kilogram of plastic collected, improving the standard of living of the poorest people in poor countries.

They support us:.

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