Support for people from Ukraine currently residing in Poland

Language courses

We conduct stationary and online classes in Polish for people from Ukraine currently residing in Poland. Classes are held in small groups, for children and adults. Classrooms are located in Warszawska Wola and Marymont, and we conduct online lessons on the Classroom platform and also make them available on our YouTube channel.

Vocational activation

We implement a program of professional activation of people who find themselves in a difficult situation. We have prepared a database of job offers, we help to write CVs and cover letters, we conduct trainings preparing for work, we organize a handicraft market, we equip freelancers with the necessary equipment to facilitate the start.

Psychological help

The language barrier, a new place, trauma and the baggage of bad experiences are an insurmountable obstacle for many people to move on and put their lives in order in new conditions. We conduct group and individual meetings for adults and children. Our team includes psychologists professionally prepared to work with victims of war.


We have prepared fully equipped with computer equipment and office supplies for remote work. We enable the provision or start of remote work for people who do not have the conditions in their current place of residence. The coworking office is located in the perfectly connected business center of Warsaw.

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Environmental Protection

The second life of electronic equipment

We recover damaged, redundant computer equipment, repair it, bring it back to life and hand it over to children for remote learning.

Environmental education

Pwe prepare materials and educational and informational workshops presenting the state of the environment and ways to reduce the production of plastic waste in households.

We clean the world!

We clean waterfronts, beaches, forests and other places polluted with plastic waste. We deliver the collected waste to recycling points to reduce the likelihood of its return to the environment.

Eco in business

We support entrepreneurs in the implementation of solutions and technologies limiting the introduction of plastic to the market. We run an ecological certification program for companies promoting environmentally responsible business.

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