Vacations, sunshine and… plastic cups.

Why are plastic cups a problem?

During the summer we use plastic containers a lot – coffee, lemonade, bubble tea and much more. All of these drinks are served in a disposable container.

“According to the EPA, plastic is so incredibly indestructible that “every piece of plastic ever made still exists.” It can take hundreds to thousands of years to decompose. That’s what makes it so effective, yet incredibly dangerous. Between 8 and 9 million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans each year” (

Every year 500 MILLION plastic cups are consumed worldwide!
They are not disappearing.

How then can I change this?

It’s very simple! Just buy a reusable bottle or cup.
Cafes or restaurants often offer their drinks cheaper if we have our own container.
Another plus is that we can close such a container and put it in a bag or backpack.
There are also many thermal bottles on the market, which additionally maintain the temperature.

Let’s not buy disposable plastic cups – let’s take care of our planet 💚.

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